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I have finally found the man of my dreams. I cannot believe how happy he makes me. He is everything to me that I have ever wanted or looked for. Even his little weird quirks are cute to me. What will blow your mind is that we met through a mature online dating website.

I truly never expected to meet someone this way. I have been in a few mature dating relationships, but none that were as good as what I am in now. The last guy I was with really did a number on me mentally. He was an exchange student and was from a different country. He and his family had a weird dynamic.


mature online dating

They were always telling him what to do, even though he lived in a different country. He was always going back and forth for visits, which I thought was sweet. After college, he had to go back to his home, and I got the letter from him that really ruined me. The whole time we were together he was totally telling me how in love he was with me, and how he wanted to marry me.

He said that his family wanted him to marry another girl within his race, but that he would not let that stop him. His letter however, was completely different. He totally changed his tune, and said that he had to follow what his family dictated and that he was sorry; it was not going to work out.

It took me months to get over this betrayal. I was actually out with some friends of mine who told me about online dating. They said that there are sites geared towards mature dating online personals like professionals looking for someone who is a quality single. So, with a little hesitation, but keeping an open mind, I filled out the profile and posted a picture and waited. It took three dates, and four weeks before meeting Steven.

I have never felt such an electric connection with a man before. He had me captivated as soon as I saw him. He and I have been dating for a little over nine months. I just want to tell anyone who thinks that free online dating websites is a joke that they really need to get with the program. It really works. Just keep an open mind. What do you have to lose?


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