Reasons Why Women Looking For Married Men To Cheat

Why do women looking for married men to cheat with them? There are three types of affairs they might be involved in. The first and biggest is the physical affair where there is sex involved. Next there is the emotional affair which would be striking up a close acquaintance with someone but not taking it to the physical level. Then there is the possibility that the cheaters could have a true love for each other.

What are the reasons some women may get involved in an affair with a married man? Listed below is some of the more common reason you may come across.

Having an affair with a married man means the woman can get away with no strings attached. All of the standard issues involved with a relationship can be avoided and it’s a convenient way for sex.


women looking for married men


Many times just the idea of the man being married can make him irresistible to some women. She knows that a marriage is something very important and what it stands for, and she herself would like to have that sometime down the road. But she sees no harm in getting involved to know how to meet guys and with a married man at this point.

They may want the thrill of having gotten away with having an affair with a married man, almost like an emotional high. Also it could be out revenge against their own husband or boyfriend, they may be angry at them for some reason.

Then there is the fact that the woman may be lonely and is looking for cupid dating site where someone makes her feel better. She might be approached by a married man who makes her feel good about herself and one thing leads to the next.


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