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What drives a good looking, confident single women looking for married men for a “relationship”? Is that what they set out to find or did she just discover that she can get what she wants or feels she needs from a casual relationship with a married man having an affair?

Some single men have admitted to wearing a wedding ring in order to attract women, they do not need to get emotionally involved and can limit the time they spend with a woman. The obvious question for these women is ‘why not just date a single man?’

When you talk to these women their answers are invariably that they do not want ties or baggage, dating married men means they can pick and choose when they see them without the hassle or dirty socks. These are confident women that can provide for themselves, they don’t need a husband or children to make their life complete, so an affair gives them exactly what they want without the baggage.


women looking for married men

For married women have some another fact which is all most all same reason as single women. They date with married men and with good reason. They are not looking for romance and not looking for a boyfriend or a husband. They have already had a husband who cares for dearly. They just need more sex than that person is able to give them. They also are not looking to replace those men. They are just simply looking for sex and married men seeking women are sexual partners looking for the married women.

One solution to find these guys are tried the singles bars and the pick-up joints. Married men seeking women are usually mature and most often more experienced. They know what they want and they know what a married woman need. Another solution to find married men seeking women is at a dating service. There are more married men seeking dating younger women on this site than anywhere else on the Internet and pick and choose from all the married men seeing women on the site.

These dating websites that has been running quite successfully for the past some years which provides, for a fee, everything you need for a fake alibi including hotel and flight bookings, work seminars and they even man the telephone in case your other half calls. The ironic part is that they also offer private investigation services to catch your partner cheating. However, services like this cannot survive if there is no demand for them so someone must be paying for the services.


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