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Fairfield, United States
My name is Diane Lord , a sweet lady of 26, i am easy going , lovely, caring , friendly, cheerful , witty , fun to be with and as well reasonable to understand other peoples's differences.

Hobbies :         I like outdoor games such as indoor games . I like cooking , dancing , singing , reading , swimming and lawn playing lawn tenis . I can as well play teble tenis . 

Likes :  I like smilling ,  I think i am possitive about life and as such i like anything that is possitive and transparent . I do have tremendous regards for those who care about who they deal with and whose who care about other poeple's feelings like they care about thiers . I like those who do believe in what the future holds such as they believe in who they are.
Dislikes :  though , my dislikes are few but i think i can summarise it in one word , i hate cawardice. Dishonesty and disgusting people who are not courageous and un-productive. Though , pretence is as worst as something i hate to discover.
Atraction :   I am being attracted by things that are good in as much as they are lovely and labelled good by my seeing an by reasonable justifications . I  think i like things that are clean and transparent. I an being attracted by great ideas and great achivements.  I an being attracted by justice and meekness of people and behavoural attitude and handling .
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