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Houston, United States
22 year old college grad, sarcastic, intellectual, friendly, outgoing, adventurous. I love to dance and do things outside. I am passionate about foreign languages, music, nutrition, and travelling.I like to please, and I know how to enjoy myself. I'm not shy about asking for what I want, but I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve too.I'm here to meet people to have a good time with...what that means exactly depends on you...***things that will make me ignore youpicsI'm not shy...you can see my face in my pics. If I can't see yours, I assume there's a reason. Don't waste your time with a pic of your dick if there's no face to go with it...locationI don't do the cyber thing.
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My age (20-25), not overweight. No criminal records, hard drug habits (pot ok), excessive tattoos or piercings, or live-in children. Must have a steady job and own transportation.I'd like to meet social people. If your idea of a great night is a six-pack and the remote, find another coach potato. I'd like to live while I'm still young enough to.**Side noteI am more picky about men than I am about women. If you're an okay-looking guy, I might not be interested...but get another girl in the mix, even an okay-looking one, and your chances will go WAY up...Hot guys are still more than welcome to contact me solo ;)